Mission & Vision

A gateway organization at one of Canada’s largest entry points—The Fort Erie Multicultural Centre provides a continuum of services to support newcomers from their first steps in Canada until their long-term integration in to local communities. (Adopted January 2007)

  • Respect the world’s diverse cultures and ethnic peoples
  • We value the gifts and abilities of the world community
  • We celebrate our community’s cultural heritage and history
  • We promote inclusion and diversity
  • We support and encourage all efforts toward equality, fairness, social and economic justice
  • We advocate for the rights, safety, and respect of newcomers
  • We recognize the importance of building relationships that demonstrate positive and cooperative interaction between all people, community groups, and organizations
  • We promote the feeling of belonging through the building of caring, cooperative, inclusive, and trusting relationships
  • We value the essential contributions of volunteers and staff
  • We demonstrate leadership and compassion in our thinking and actions We think broadly, creatively, and long term
  • We demonstrate best practice and ethical standards in our service delivery

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